Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Our US-wide shipping of heavy equipment is in a good demand, serving the needs of either small manufacturers or businesses or big factory plants and even the government.

When using either our regular or prioritized shipping service, you’ll be able to get your package or freight delivered to any location in any of the US states and territories!

Additionally, we always enhance the quality of our service by adding some vital new features…

Variety of Locations

We have a lot of delivery pickup locations in the US. Staffed locations (Transit Office and Transit World Service Center), self-service drop boxes and Transit Authorized ShipCenter locations nearest you – get distances, hours of operation and more.

Shipping Supplies.

Get packaging, airbills, and supplies for automated shipping solutions in 2 to 3 business days. Or find a nearby staffed location, so you can purchase supplies today.

Pickup Scheduling.

No phone call needed. Request (or cancel) a courier for pickups of Transit Express, Transit Ground, or Transit Freight shipments.

We've been helping small businesses do their shipping and consumers

deliver their packages since 1976!

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